• Freelance Copywriter/Editor


What My Clients Have Said

Abigail is a hard working, determined professional that is an absolute pleasure to have on a team. She brings expertise, detail, creativity and an incredible sense of humor to everything she does. She completes each task with ease and is ready for the next.
Robin Lane, Brand Content and Editorial Strategy Senior Manager, OpenText

Abigail is a fantastic individual to work with. Her quality of work and quick turnaround helped me immensely. Her ability to quickly grasp what is needed and run with it ensured that deliverables were met with top quality first drafts. Would work with her again. Highly recommend! Thank you!
Paul Di Ianni, Director, Economic Development and Communications at the Corporation of the Town of Lincoln

I have known Abigail for a good number of years. First as a reporter for the Hamilton Community News and then as someone I reached out to when I needed support in my role as president and CEO for Mohawk College Enterprise. As a reporter she was fair, inquisitive and respectful. As my own personal ghostwriter and editor, she was and still is invaluable. Her ability to write and sound like me is very important for consistency in the message and not something that is easy to do. Her magic touch adds professionalism to articles I author for various publications. Her ability to research and select just the right references add validity to what she produces. I highly recommend Abigail for your communication needs.
Audie McCarthy, President and CEO, Mohawk College Enterprise

I had the pleasure of working with Abigail on a number of projects at The Lung Health Foundation. Abigail can very easily grasp the scope of a project, is resourceful to do the necessary research and outreach to get answers to the questions and then can succinctly pull together comprehensive reports on complex issues in language that is easy to read and understand. She is flexible, adaptable and will produce high-quality work.
Monica Kocsmaros, Former Senior Director, Integrated Marketing and Strategic Initiatives, Lung Health Foundation